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Zha Daojiong is a professor of international political economy at Peking University, specializing in such non-traditional security issues as energy, food, and water. He is active in consultations with a wide range of government, business, and academic bodies interested in how China relates with the rest of the world on those and related topics.  

He is editor of Managing Regional Energy Vulnerabilities in East Asia (Routledge, 2012), first author of Building a Neighborly Community: Post Cold War China, Japan, and Southeast Asia (Manchester University Press, 2006), author of The Political Economy of China's Oil Security (China Modern World Press, 2005), and editor of Chinese Scholars View the World: Non-traditional Security (China New World Press, 2006), in addition to dozens of journal articles in Chinese and English languages. 

He obtained a doctorate in Political Science from the University of Hawaii and held teaching and research positions in Japan, the United States, Singapore and elsewhere.



Lai Suet Yi (Cher) finished her doctoral studies in National Centre for Research on Europe, University of Canterbury, in 2012. Her Ph.D thesis focuses on the contribution of Asia Europe Meeting (ASEM) on Asia-Europe relations, regionalism and inter-regionalism. Cher obtained her Bachelor degree in European Studies from Hong Kong Baptist University in 2006. Her honour paper was on “the role of France in the Treaty of European Constitution”.

Since 2006 she has been a researcher of “EU in the eyes of Asia” and “Asia Through the eyes of Europe”, published numerous research papers on the external image of the EU, Asia-Europe relations, China-Europe relations and ASEM. Between July and October 2010, Cher completed an internship in World Programme desk of the European Policy Centre (Brussels-based think tank). Since September 2012, she has been academic manger of a new trans-national research project, External Images of the EU: Images of the EU as Normative Energy Player, which involved the BRICS countries as well as the EU Big 3. She served as Post-doctoral Fellow in the Europe and EU Centre of Monash University, Australia, in April and May 2013.


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